About Us

​Uncharted Territory Health Services is apart of the Uncharted Territory Network that focuses on a comprehensive model that includes, family, health, education, and mental health. Uncharted Territory Health is a clinic that handles minor general health inquiries. Our limited scope enables us to provide quick and efficient services. We can see our patients within just a few minutes. Our clinicians are all trained and, have the necessary qualifications and experiences to handle the different needs that may present.

Our mission at Uncharted Territory Health Services is to provide patient centered care at affordable rates for our community.

Workplace Testing

Our trained professionals can conduct in-office COVID-19 testing/ Antibody Testing for your workforce. Protect your business and your employees with large-scale testing by Uncharted Territory Health. Contact us Today.


Tests & Vaccines

Our trained professionals can conduct COVID-19 testing, in office or mobile. We
anticipate receiving Vaccines in the Spring 2021.